In 1928, just after establishment of the Turkish Republic, Imam Kayali and his sons founded a family company. Since from that date, the company has successfully been active in many different fields of trade and industry from automotive to textile, from spare parts to insurance, from furniture to rental services. The businesses grow by professional management approach and find itself being one of important industrial companies in Turkey with over than 700 employees.

Under the leadership of entrepreneur Mr. Enver Kayali, Honorary Chairman of Imam Kayali Holding, Enka Hygiene is founded and today members of 4th generation of the family are working in the management of Enka Hijyen.

As a first step, Enka Hijyen started production of baby diapers with an aim to grow in the disposable hygienic articles field to become one of the most important industrial enterprises in Turkey and surrounding region. Enka Hygiene has goal to contribute the hygiene industry in its region with its modern production facilities and qualified laboratory furnished with the state of the art equipment.